About us

Let’s talk property

Property buying is not merely selecting a piece and plunging to buy it. It’s much more than just shopping for a house. It’s a field which requires proper understanding and knowledge before you make any choice. Our Property forum is the way where you educate yourself about the world of real estate. Not only the information of properties for buying, selling, renting or leasing but this is a platform for those who are related to the world of real estate in one way or other.



Our aim is creating a one-stop space where you can discuss and get information about an array of elements related to the world of real estate. It’s our effort to help you see the wider picture of this world which supports you in making better property decisions.

The intelligent exchange

Selection of the perfect property is an extremely tough issue. Differentiating the good from the bad is nowhere near the parameter of being easy. The worst part is no property comes with the stamp of hallmark. It’s almost a calculative gamble many approach but with proper knowledge you can turn the cards on your side easily. The only thing which will help you in making that shift is access to the world of credible information. That is what we offer to you. This portal is an open space for everyone who is related to the world of real estate industry. Here you will come across objective data which are backed by the wisdom of those related with this industry for years. The best part is that you can easily access those intelligent suggestions and advises for free.


The way of communication

Just a tap on your phone and you enter the unbound of the world of communication through internet. We are using the very same platforms which you are familiar with but with a twist. Instead of the personal aspect we use these platforms to connect you with hundreds of others who have experience in this field. With a never-ending motivation to create a well-informed audience, we work towards developing different ways which will help you in staying connected. You can make use of the platform of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to put out your questions about the world of real estate. Besides asking the expert and fellow audience you can also seek answers from your friends.  We help you in simplifying the complex process of property search by providing you with a platform of worthy information.


One-window solution

This portal is an excellent platform for different stakeholder of the property industry. Our busy platform offers community generated news and information with the chance of direct communication. It brings together the different parts of the property industry in a unified form. The free to use property portal is a one-stop solution for anyone who wishes to educate themselves in the world of property.

Our community

We like to take pride in being a community which is smart and educate themselves to make the right property choices. Our motto is exploring all nooks and corner of the property world to present the best information and this is, of course, possible with the help of our valued users. Besides well-researched articles about the property industry, we create the space for sharing community generated information. Also, we provide you with information about different rules and regulation regarding this industry, even the updated ones. You can also give out your opinions, ask questions, provide answers and start a discussion on any topic related to this industry.


joining-hands helps the users in discussing trends, know about the legal side of the property world and discuss different project information. It also helps the users in putting forward complaints which are a fine way to create caution for the other users. However, this is not the only things our community offers. We also bring you authentic information from consultants, developers, and industry experts. They offer their opinions for the audience to maintain a transparent picture of this world.

The easy way

We always believe in offering you with a complete package which helps you in making the best choice. Our primary service is creating a well-researched inventory for our audience. We personally make sure to recheck each property before posting it on our portal. This way we maintain a high standard of property search. Our inventory is specially designed to help you in finding the best house according to your requirement.  Also, as a seller, you can approach us to get your property listed and get a desirable buyer. Thus, we have transformed our listing portal into a one-stop solution for all your property needs which includes everything from expert opinion to communication with a fellow buyer.


It’s our determination to transform the confusing property market into a transparent place.